Recruitment Fraud Information

A notice to all Westlake applicants.

It has come to our attention that individuals and/or organizations have been impersonating Westlake employees or representatives by reaching out to potential job seekers and applicants. These ‘recruiting’ communications are scams that are not associated with Westlake’s recruitment process. Please do not provide any personal or financial information and do not send any money to anyone you do not know or who you suspect of recruitment fraud.

Learn about Westlake’s recruitment process.

  • Westlake will never ask you for your sensitive personal or financial information. (Information about your financial institution and/or bank account, driver’s license or passport information, or social security or identification number during the “recruitment” process.)
  • Westlake will not offer to send you money as part of a “recruitment” process.
  • Westlake does not solicit nor communicate with candidates, and will not interview candidates over any messaging or chat applications.
  • Email and website domains other than ‘Westlake.com’ are fake domains and do not have any legitimate or official.

How to Identify a Job Scam

  • You are not the only recipient on the email. Westlake will not send an email about a job offer to multiple people at once.
  • They ask to continue the conversation by text. This makes the scam harder to document. Conversations about legitimate offers should be conducted by email.
  • They ask to for personal information in an email. Westlake job opportunities require you to apply and provide your personal information in an official application, on the Westlake Website. The email contains grammatical or spelling errors. A very common attribute of scam emails is that they do not bother to spell check or grammar check their outgoing emails.
  • There is no contact information for the sender. Any legitimate email from Westlake’s Human Resources or Recruiting department should have a signature line with their name, title, and contact information.